Phone Case Vs. Phone Insurance - Which is Better?



If you had to take a guess, what do you think would be a better deal? Having a phone case protect your phone? Or having insurance to cover it?


Now we know that this is a topic that TONS of people ask Aces Wireless about. Some say you need insurance (typically the insurers) while others say you do not need it. In our case, being a phone case supplier we believe that having a GREAT protective case is a way better deal than paying monthly on a phone that you 1. Probably already has a case on it or 2. That may never even break… aka you could be wasting your money in the long run & here is why.



Some people believe Insurance is sometimes a scam...if you slightly agree then read this blog to learn how to avoid giving your money to insurers! This blog is going to give you a better understanding as to why our customers here at Aces Wireless are saving a ton of money and buying phone cases that actually protect your phone.

To start, the typical pricing for phone insurance is $100 per year + $50 deductible. Once you actually break your phone, the phone company will replace your phone with a refurbished one, which is a used phone that may already have some wear and tear on it. If you crack the screen, the screen replacement can go from $50 - $125 every time you get it replaced which sucks whenever you have to come out of pocket for this expense 2 - 4 times per year ($200 - $500)

If you have a phone that is still under contract through your service provider, there is usually a written part within the contract that states “if this phone is cracked, water damage, or broken before being paid off, you will have to pay the full unsubsidized price in full”. In today's day & age brand new iphones go for over $800! Imagine paying that out of pocket on a rainy day! Once you pay the unsubsidized fee for the first broken phone, you then would have to sign another contract for the same price to receive the same phone you once had started making payments on. Don’t make the mistake of being sucked into the insurance “scam” & get a case that fits your personality!





Here at Aces Wireless we see and understand the need for cell phones now a days. But what we understand more is the NEED for cell phone cases. I mean almost everyone that has ever owned a phone has had a cracked screen before. It’s not fun to look at and it’s not fun at all to pay for. It’s honestly just more of a hassle to deal with, which is why we have designed cases for all phones that are affordable and that require no monthly fee like insurance. And sometimes Insurance won’t even fix, nor repair your entire phone. You might even be left to getting a new phone because the insurance you have been paying on didn’t cover the drop / issue completely. Some say insurance is worth is and some say it is not. At Aces Wireless we prefer having a phone case, even a few of them to mix it up a little bit.

The pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons when it comes to getting a case rather than paying for insurance. Aces Wireless wants to bring a unique experience to their customers. One that makes their phone look good while also protecting it! If you need or know someone that needs a reliable, stylish, compatible phone case check out our website today @ & if you have any questions contact us directly @